Our History

How it all started…

One day, with some prompting and pressure from my soon-to-be wife, I decided to get a dog, Family(preferably a dachshund since that is what the wife desired). I had never had a dog, but decided to take a chance. I found the first of the III Dachshunds in an animal shelter in Elkhorn Wisconsin. Her name was Lillie. One month later, we ended up getting a second little one seeing how much joy the first had brought us. In comes Otto – that little rascal of a boy. Another month goes by and we hear about a little girl named Sophie who is in a dachshund rescue in Illinois – the poor thing was found as a stray and we found ourselves unable to say no for the third time. Dogs in Blankets So the trifecta was now complete! Lillie, Otto and Sophie are the complete inspiration for this company. After having the dogs for about a year I realized how many similarities there were between the dachshund and beer – such as names. For example, our dogs have the “smooth red” coat or there’s a “black and tan” coat, what great names for beer! And from that point on it has been a complete explosion of ideas which has resulted in this beer company. The beer in now exclusively sold at City Lounge in Cudahy, Wisconsin. Soon enough though we hope to have the beer bottled for more “mass” distribution, hopefully it’ll be in a bar/store near you soon!

The Dogs

The Dachshund is the most popular of all the small dog breeds. Like beer, they come in different colors, coats, sizes and share one common gene-the gene that gives them the ability to bring a smile to everyone’s face! They are both small in stature, but large in personality. The Dachshund is not just a cute, little, simple lap dog. They were bred to track, scent, and flush out badgers, foxes, and rabbits-a job that encouraged cleverness, stubbornness, tenaciousness, and independence. The short legs and the long body of the Dachshund not only makes them great underground hunters and fun to look at, but also enables them to be superb athletes and workers. III Dachshunds Beer & Cider. will carry on the small bold nature of the breed and brew small batch, quality, handcrafted beer.