Old Fashioned Root Beer

Our root beer soda uses sugar, not high fructose corn syrup. It is amazingly sweet and creamy. There are just the right flavors of sassafras, caramel, vanilla and hints of wintergreen. It has a pretty good BITE from both carbination and spices but is very smooth.
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Otto’s Classic Orange Cream

Our orange cream soda uses sugar, not high fructose corn syrup. It combines the flavor of sweet mandarin oranges and vanilla cream. The vanilla mutes out some of the most distinctive fruit aspects. It is clearly flavored like oranges but not sour. This is a very thirst quenching soda.
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Ankle Biter Ale

 Ankle Biter is our signature beer. A caramel sweet beer with a malty profile. This amber toned beer has low but apparent hops. Small hints of smokiness may be found throughout this well balanced brew. The special blend of barley and hops makes Ankle Biter Ale a very light easy drinking ale with very little after taste. 
ABV: 4.7%, OG: 1.050, IBU: 22.6

O’ Doxie Irish Style Ale (Seasonal)

Ale-Brewed only in the spring, the Irish Style Ale is a special blend of four types of malted barley and three varieties of hops. This ale is characterized by it’s sweet malty flavor and refreshing light scent. The rich red color is very distinctive to the origins of this style ale.
ABV: 5.0%, OG: 1.060, IBU: 28.8


Earth Dog India Pale Ale

Earth Dog IPA is an English-style India Pale Ale aimed to accent the hops used throughout the brewing process. The malt produces a biscuit flavor while a medium hop bite adds a flowery sharpness that finishes smooth.
ABV:6.2%, OG:1.052, IBU:55.0


Howling Hounds Honey Wheat (Seasonal)

 Howling Hounds Honey Wheat-An American style wheat beer made with pure Wisconsin honey. Served hefe style (unfiltered) which means it will appear cloudy. A yeasty tone layered with a honey sweetness makes this a refreshingly light brew.
ABV: 4.6%, OG: 1.056, IBU: 22.0


Otto’s Oatmeal Stout

This is a traditional oatmeal stout. Brewed with dark roasted barley and oatmeal for a very rich flavor and aroma. Otto’s will have a pleasant, full flavor and a smooth profile that may include coffee, chocolate and caramel notes. Bitterness is moderate and finishes smoothly. We highly recommend giving this great brew a try!
ABV: 4.6%, OG: 1.055, IBU: 26.6


Show Dog Vanilla Stout

An English-Style Stout with high-grade pure vanilla added in the brewing process. Pours a very dark brownish black with light grayish brown head. Strong vanilla aroma with some maltiness. Smooth, with a barley malt flavor that subsides to a hollow cream-soda like vanilla finish.
ABV: 4.7%, OG: 1.056, IBU:26.6